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akkalkotsamarth > It Seems I Was Hitting On the Most Beautiful Girl in School Without Me Noticing > Volume N/A - CH 10
Chp 10

The Most Beautiful Girl Isn’t Good At Relying On

[Thank you for lending it to me. As always, it was interesting]

As I thanked Saito and gave her the book, she looked at me and let out a small sigh.

[I know you’re enjoying it, but I’ve told you many times, please get a reasonable amount of sleep. I don’t remember giving you a 1 day deadline, and it’s not like the book will run away on its own]

I noticed that I have dark circles around my eyes due to my lack of sleep, but it seems like it’s really showing on my face.

I was told with a face half concerned and half annoyed.

[Yes yes, I get it]

[Haah… I won’t lend you books anymore if you don’t sleep properly, okay?]

When I tried to ignore her, I was threatened with a slight frown on her face.

If I can’t read the book, it’ll make me think more about it, and it’s going to make it harder to sleep.

I had no choice but to give in when she threatened me like that.

[…. I understand. I’ll sleep properly from now on]

[Yes, now that’s good]

Saito nodded in satisfaction whilst I dropped my shoulder.

Then as usual, I left her and start reading

I had been reading for a while, but since I finished the book I brought, I decided to look around for something else.


As I looked around the library, I spotted Saito.

Saito hadn’t noticed me yet, and she is still trying to reach a book on the top of a shelf. But since she’s shorter than the average height, I don’t think she would be able to reach it.

Instead of standing on one foot, trembling while trying to reach it, why can’t you ask someone to help…

I bet some guys would immediately say okay if she said a few words.

The reason she doesn’t do that is because she’s avoiding them. Well, with their gazes, why wouldn’t she?

I’d like to avoid her, if possible.

She almost got it, but still couldn’t reach it, and she only managed to get one finger to the book and fail and repeat.

(Guess I have no choice)

I don’t think I’ll be able to read a book properly if I let her try and fail all the time.

I didn’t want to get involved with her unnecessarily, but I can’t just leave her when she is in trouble.

Also, I hadn’t been able to repay her for lending her books so many times, so I would be a fool if I don’t help her.

I walked over to her, and took the book she was looking for.

When I looked at her and gave her the book, she blinked her eyes in surprise.

She looked at me as if she was impressed.

[… I didn’t take it with the intention of stealing it from you]

[I know, I know. …. I could’ve gotten it without your help anyways]

She told me that in a cold voice, but I know she was just pretending to be strong.

[It would be more adorable if you indulge me in a time like this you know?]

[You’re saying as if I’m not pretty enough?]

[Of course you’re pretty. However, your cold attitude usually pushes people away]

When I told her th

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