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Chp 31

Christmas with The Most Beautiful Girl

Author notes:

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As I was reading at Saito’s house like usual, I noticed the smell of coffee.

[I brewed one for you too]

[Oh, thank you]

When she called out to me, I looked up and saw her placing a steamy cup on the desk.

Apparently, she had brought me a cup of coffee.

Grateful that she always made me a drink, I was about to reach for my cup, but I spotted something on my desk that I wasn’t familiar with.

[What’s with the cake?]

There were two kinds of cake on the table.

One cake was covered in green tea cream and chocolate frosting, and the other was coated with red berry chocolate and topped with strawberries.

Usually Saito brought sweets alongside the drinks, but there had never been a cake.

[In case you’re wondering, it’s Christmas eve]

[Oh, I see]

I wasn’t aware of it at all, but now that she said it, it was indeed Christmas eve.

Today was the 24th, Christmas Eve, a day when couples, men and women got along.

I was so absorbed in my book that I completely forgot about it, but it must have been a pretty special day for some people.

[I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to spend such an important day with me]

[No, not at all. I just wanted to eat this cake because it’s a special occasions]

It was only recently that she seemed to open up a bit to me, but with such an attitude, there was no way I couldn’t misunderstand if she liked me.

I couldn’t help but smile when she didn’t seem to be aware of me as a man at all.

[Can I have it?]

[Yes, if you’re worried about money, consider it as a Christmas present]

The cake was reasonably pricey, so getting it for free made me have some complicated feelings. I was followed up as if she knew what I thought.

[Well, I’ll take the one you don’t choose]

[Are you sure?]

[You bought it in the first place. That’s the least I could do]

It was already unbearable to have a girl buy me a cake, let alone allowing me to choose which one to eat.

That wasn’t good, not as a man, but as a person.

[Thank you]

When I told her she could choose, her face lit up and she started thinking about which one she wanted.

She seemed to like both of them since she bought them according to her preference.

Her eyes moved back and forth between both cakes.

She pondered for a while, then said, [I’ve decided] and picked the green tea cake.

[Then, Itadakimasu]

[Nn, Itadakimasu]

(TN: for the off chance that you don’t know what it means, it’s an appreciation for the food)

She clasped her hands together to express her thanks for the meal, and cut the cakes carefully into bite sized pieces and ate them.

The moment the cake came into her mouth, she rolled her eyes and her expression relaxed slightly.

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