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Chapter 10 – The Bear Kid Garlan

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The priests of Shamash, the priests of the sun, were impartial and unprejudiced.

The requirements for Shamash priests had always been very strict. First, one must be of superior aristocratic ancestry. Second, one must have a wealth of knowledge and correct judgment on assorted matters.

These were just the basics.

There was another hard requirement to become a priest of Shamash; in addition to going to the palace, they must also go to the battlefield.

Before the people, they must hold the sceptre as an instructor to teach them, as the judge to decide on various cases, and as the priest to hold sacrificial ceremonies. At the same time, they needed to be able to use the sceptre on the battlefield and break the enemy’s leg and smash it into a meatloaf…

At the very least, the minimum requirement to be a qualified Shamash priest was to at least overthrow five people on his own.

Ziemuer was the most orthodox and the most impressive of the Shamash priests.

In Garlan’s memory, he always had an expressionless appearance, was a stern man, and rarely revealed emotions such as joy, anger and sorrow.

Even if…

Even when saying those words to him, the Shamash priest looked like a stone sculpture, motionless, and then abandoned him without looking back.

That sentence……

【You can never beat Heimos.】

At that time, he was being pressured by Heimos. When he was in danger, the mentor he trusted and relied on the most said those words to him as he left him.

It was the last straw, which gave him the final fatal blow.

After the power of Shamash Temple led by Ziemuer was handed over to Heimos, Garlan’s power declined rapidly. More and more people followed Ziemuer’s footsteps in abandoning him and followed Heimos instead.

Defeated like a mountain, he was finally forcibly poisoned to death by Heimos.  

As his whole body was burned by the poison and the pain was so terrible that he couldn’t speak, at the last glance, he seemed to have seen that person. His mentor stood behind Heimos, condescendingly looking down at him coldly. His emotionless eyes looked as if they were mocking his naivety and stupidity.

He closed his eyes weakly, plunged into the darkness filled with unwillingness and remorse, and again died in the hands of Heimos.

When he was reborn for the fourth time, he actually wanted to ask Ziemuer.


I regarded you as a master, like a father. You brought ‘Garlan’ up and accompanied him for eight years. I’ve always thought that even if everyone in this world would betray me, you would stay by my side.

But why…

Later, when he thought about it, he found there was actually no need to ask.

The words Ziemuer said before leaving him had already answered everything.

That man said, “You can’t beat Heimos.”

You can’t win.

This sentence was like a prophecy, or perhaps a curse.  

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