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Chapter 16 – How To Be Abolished By Brother King. Waiting Online, Urgent.

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“What happened?”

When Garlan returned with the little cub in his arms, it caused a turmoil in the greenhouse.

Probably knowing that it was in trouble, when the little cub was put down, it circled around Garlan’s feet without whimpering.

When Garlan was picked up by King Camos and was about to leave, it walked a few steps behind Camos with his short legs, but was stopped by the middle-aged maid at the door. It sat on the ground with its big eyes gazing at Garlan who was leaving, and the fur all over its body wilted. It looked a little pitiful being abandoned.

Garlan, who was hurriedly carried back by King Camos, was first sent to the bath by a group of young maids. He fought hard not to let the maids help him wash him from head to toe and because of this, the maids laughed for a long time.

Although physically he was a child, his mental age was already that of a young man who was about to reach adulthood. If the years of rebirth were counted, he was actually an adult.

How could he have the cheek to let the maids who were still young females rub and touch him all over?

However, although the young maids did not help wash him, the small wounds on his arms and legs were still carefully cleaned by the maids to prevent sand and dust from staying in the wounds.  

After this tossing about, the sun was already slanting to the west, and it was evening.

Little Garlan, who was washed clean and back to being fair and delicate, came to the side hall. On the high platform covered with white soft cloth, King Camos was sitting cross-legged.

A tempting aroma came out, and all kinds of delicacies were displayed on exquisite jade plates and placed in front of King Camos.

When Garlan entered, King Camos was sitting there, holding a piece of parchment in one hand and looking at it while holding a spoon in the other. After some time, he would randomly stuff a few mouthfuls of food into his mouth, chew twice, and then swallow. His posture was crude, but he was not mindful of his own appearance.

The servants beside them stood calmly and quietly on both sides. Obviously, they had long been accustomed to their King’s behavior. When Camos finished reading, he grabbed a quill pen, quickly wrote a few words on it, then tossed it to the servant who was waiting next to him. The attendant proficiently stretched out his hands and caught the scroll that was flying in an arc through the air without changing his expression. After bowing to King Camos, he quickly walked away with the scroll.

Camos turned his head, stepped off the platform, and strode towards Garlan.

His gaze swept across Garlan’s body and paused when it fell on the bruise on his right arm. In fact, they were all just abrasions, but because Garlan’s skin was originally pale and tender, the bruises seemed a bit scary.

Camos stretched ou

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