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Chapter 14 – Hey, Everybody’s Mind Went Off Track

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King Camos, who had found a cute little brother, easily resolved the protests of his subordinates. He nodded to Ziemuer and the others and said, “I will leave the rest to you.”

After finishing, he turned around, put his arms around the little brother who was sitting on his shoulders, and happily walked outside.

“Come, come, come~~Brother King will take you to eat delicious food~”

The mouth of the child sitting on his shoulder twitched at the corner.

Brother King, do you only know how to say this?

Is there anything else to say except, ‘Let uncle take you to eat a lollipop’?

He had guessed right. King Camos really knew no other tricks.

It was the first time for him to coax a child. When he secretly coaxed a small animal, he had only tried with food… Although he had never once succeeded. Even if he had food in his hand to lure, those little things would run away when they saw him. If they couldn’t run away, the little animals would shiver when he approached, looking terrified. Their pitiful little appearances made Camos feel a great sense of guilt, and he had to give up in the end.

It’s okay.

If you don’t like me then don’t like me.

Anyway, those little things are not as cute as my little brother~~~

King Camos, who had already begun to have a brother complex, thought with joy as he brought out his own beautifying filter. Then, he felt a sudden pain on his head. 

“Wait, wait a minute!”

Seeing that King Camos had forcefully resolved the opposition, Garlan exclaimed as he gritted his teeth and tried to put up a last fight.

He sat on Camos’s shoulder, and while shouting, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a strand of Camos’ brown hair, and pulled it hard.

That kind of disrespectful act was unruly and rather rebellious. It made the hearts of the people who were looking suddenly twitch, and they almost didn’t breathe.

Camos, the King of Aaron Landis.

In the eyes of the people of Aaron Landis, he was a god-like existence, and he was to be worshipped.

Don’t mention anything else, even if you kneel at his feet and kiss his toes, it was considered a supreme glory.

Now, not only did the child sit on the King’s shoulders, but he dared to pull the hair on King Camos’ noble head?!

The Gods of Aaron Landis ah…

Some people couldn’t help but want to jump out and sternly scold the disrespectful child…

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Camos, whose hair was pulled hard by Garlan, turned his head and asked with a smile.

There was no trace of anger at all in those eyes and movements, and he obviously didn’t care about it. On the contrary, he seemed very happy because Garlan took the initiative to speak to him.

The few people who wanted to run in and reprimand. “…”

They lowered their feet in silence.

Forget it. As long as the King was happy.

Everyone looked at thi

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