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Chapter 5 – King Camos, The Big Brown Bear

Editor: SleepyMango123

Don’t think too much.

Even if he grew up later, he was no match for Heimos.

And his current appearance of a child was even less likely to be an opponent of Heimos who was older than himself.

Even if he tried his best to pinch the other just now, he was afraid he would have been dead by this time.

Shaking his head, he shook his confused mind sober as he told himself,

Instead of thinking about doing impossible things like killing Heimos, it was more urgent to solve the problem of his pants first.

Only Garlan would feel embarrassed about not having pants. Heimos didn’t even take it seriously.

Children who had not yet started horse riding training did not wear underwear. Everyone was the same and he had grown up like this. When he got used to it, he naturally didn’t think there was anything wrong. Noble children needed to wear decent clothes to some extent, but commoner children simply used a piece of cloth to cover themselves and considered them clothes.

Therefore, what Garlan felt was embarrassing, Heimos didn’t think it was. It was just that this little child was precocious and nervous, which made him think it was a little funny.

Although he was knocked down by the kid just now and was made to bear the blame, he was not angry.

Anyway, the child was small and not heavy, and he was not injured. It was okay for the child to fall on me, otherwise, with such a small body falling to the ground, there may have been a few bruises on his hands and feet.

Heimos thought about this, and looked Garlan up and down to confirm that there was nothing wrong with the child. He didn’t say anything and proceeded to take the child back.

After losing face in front of his mortal enemy several times in a row, Garlan didn’t dare to do anything more and obediently held Heimos’s hands to walk.

He didn’t know the current situation at all, and he didn’t dare to ask where Heimos would take him, so he could only ponder hard by himself.

After all, although he had returned to his previous, previous, previous, previous life, he didn’t have any memory of that life.

No, there were still some memories, but it was only a rough idea, not the detailed kind. He only knew the outline of the novel- the beginning, middle and ending, as well as the outline of certain things, but the specific details were not clear.

The only thing he could guess about the current situation was that as a child, for some reason, he seemed to have run out of the residence, and Heimos was here to get him back.

He followed Heimos obediently while looking at his surroundings.

The destination was not far. After all, he was still a child and couldn’t cover much ground. After going over a few bends on the platform of the water pavilion, passing through the gorgeous promenade supported by tall columns, he followed Heimos to his destination.

Heimos took him to the entrance

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