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Chapter 13 – Time… It’s Really A Pig-Slaughtering Knife.

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There was dead silence in the hall, only the reverberation of King Camos’s deep laughter echoed. In short, no one could recover. They opened their mouths and stared at the scene in front of them, dumbfounded.

Including a certain child who had been quietly eating melons and dreaming of a better future, who was suddenly lifted up, and then appointed to be the King’s Brother. His whole being was also in a daze.

Suddenly, there was a very slight click. It was the sound of a quill pen held by a stunned little fat boy that accidentally dropped to the ground.

This sound, which was usually negligible, seemed to suddenly turn on the switch in the terrifyingly quiet hall.

With a crash, the whole hall was like boiling water, and it simmered all at once.

“Wait, wait a minute, Your Majesty-“

“No, this is definitely not possible!”

“King Camos! How can you arbitrarily-“

“Please think about it again!”

After a few seconds of shock, Ziemuer, who finally recovered, frowned. With his splattered clothes, he quickly stepped forward and walked to Camos.

“King Camos.” The Shamash priest who spoke had an obvious bad expression. “Please immediately take back your words!”


Camos asked, in a casual tone.

He didn’t even look at Ziemuer who was in front of him but smiled at Garlan who was being held by him.

Seeing the child’s wide-open eyes and the stunned expression on his face, he immediately felt a sense of accomplishment. He smiled and retracted his hand, holding the child with one hand, and with his other, rubbed the soft hair of the child who was still bewildered.

Ah, soft, plush, warm, and it feels so good.

The newly appointedBrother King1expressed his satisfaction.

“Anyway, please put the child down first.”

For this king who always liked to play cards unreasonably, Ziemuer felt an oncoming headache.

When he was Camos’ accompaniment, who was still a prince at that time, he and his fellow students were often tossed by the prince who hada thought of one out was one out.2

It could be said that he was the only one upholding the upright and selfless doctrine of the Sun God Shamash, and he continued to protest against Prince Camos’s various behaviours, while the others were already numb to the whims of Prince Camos.

…Of course, he protested but it was useless.

“No way.”

King Camos simply rejected the proposal of his subordinates, held the child in his arms tighter, and glanced at the Shamash priest warily, with an expression of‘Don’t you dare to take this child away’.

He continued, “He is this King’s Brother.”

“…Put the child down first.” Resisting the urge to smash King Camos’s head with the heavy sceptre, Ziemuer felt his head hurt even more. “You’re scaring him.”


When Ziemuer said this, Camos subconsciously lowered his head and glanced.


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