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Chapter 12 – (Extra)- King Of Aaron Landis

Chapter 12(Extra)- King of Aaron Landis

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Aaron Landis, the morning star of the gods.

You are the kingdom above the clouds.

You are the brilliance in the hands of the gods.

You are the sun, moon, and stars above the mountain.

You are the most beautiful pearl shining above the sea.

Aaron Landis, I see your fiery red flag high up in the sky, I see you standing between heaven and earth.

The great hero Camos, you were born in the land of Aaron Landis.

You are the flame that burns in the darkness, and you are the light that guides us to glory.

We devoutly surrender to your feet.

You are the son of the Gods, dressed in the scorching sun and treading on the flames.

The sun, the moon, and the stars decorate your hair, and the majestic wind roars around you.

King Camos, my hero of Aaron Landis.

Your strong body is like a towering mountain, guarding the land of Aaron Landis.

You are a mighty lion on the battlefield. In the bloody battle on the battlefield, no one can defeat you.

Your roar made sentient beings tremble and crawl on the ground.

Camos, our King, our hero.

We cheer for you.

You are the supreme glory of Aaron Landis-


Aaron Landis was an ancient country with a long history. It was a country with a large population and a warm climate.

It was rich in products. To the north was a tall mountain that blocked the icy cold winds, and to the south was a warm ocean. The warm wind blowing from the south warmed the land like the passionate eyes of a goddess.

The two long rivers,Enki1and Eya2, ran slantingly through the entire Aaron Landis from north to south, bringing inexhaustible water resources and fertile land for planting crops.

These two rivers were like mothers, feeding the lives of Aaron Landis with their milk.

Camos, son of Homoyas, King of Aaron Landis.

When he was a prince, his unruly, playful, and lazy personality caused everyone a headache. He was the only child of a partial ancestor, and there was no other heir to the throne. One of his mentors even sighed that the kingdom might collapse under the hands of Prince Camos.

After the first King, Homoyas, was poisoned to death, he sat on the throne. He was less than eighteen years old.

At that time, there were internal and external troubles. Aaron Landis suffered natural disasters and domestic turmoil. There were thieves everywhere, cults arose, and many foreign enemy countries took the opportunity to invade. The country was on the road to ruin.

The prince, who everyone was not optimistic about, had just ascended the throne. After he first ascended the throne, regardless of the desperate resistance of the ministers, he led his army to a deadly battlefield, and successfully drove away the invasion by three enemy nations of Aaron Landis. Afterwards, he began to provide relief to the victims, e

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