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Garlan, who had just relaxed his tense nerves, was caught in surprise and howled with fright.

If it weren’t for his wrist being grabbed by the other party causing him to not be able to stand up, his whole body would have jolted.

When he turned to look and met those golden-red eyes, Garlan sighed in relief.

It was truly scary and terrifying.

Garlan was about to breathe a sigh of relief but when he thought about it, he felt something was wrong and raised his vigilance again.

Just now, he was holding a dagger and had a look of indecisiveness…Did this person see everything? He couldn’t guess what I was going to do, could he?!

“…What are you doing?”

The boy’s original voice, which was quite hoarse due to his adolescent period, became even huskier. The voice was cold and it made one feel uncomfortable.

Garlan had a guilty conscience and his heart became erratic upon hearing that voice.

“No…I didn’t do anything…I-I helped you pick your things up…”

As Garlan stammered halfway through his words, Heimos rudely interrupted him.

“I’m asking you, why did you hit yourself?”

The boy heaved violently and asked.

As he was disorientated just now, he suddenly heard two consecutive noises. First was the crisp sound of metal falling and then there was the sound of a slap.

When he opened his eyes, he happened to see Garlan hitting himself, as if he were having some sort of a convulsion.

He stared at the bright red fingerprints on the child’s face, feeling inexplicably uncomfortable.


Garlan choked. An idea suddenly came to his mind.

“I-I’m here to apologise. Erm, didn’t I accidentally hit you yesterday?” He whispered, “Look, I’ve also slapped myself… so don’t be angry with me, okay?”

As Garlan coaxed, he reached out and touched Heimos’ face, where he had been hit last time.

Heimos pursed his lips and said nothing.

The child kneeling next to him had teary bright golden eyes and stared at him. His shadow reflected in his eyes, the reddish fingerprints were still printed on his snow-white cheeks, and his little soft hands caressed his face.

The little appearance that looked at him and coaxed him, even with his hard-hearted heart, he couldn’t help but feel it soften.

The boy rolled his eyes.

“I know what you’re planning.”


Garlan panicked.

I only had that idea in my heart for a moment. I really didn’t plan to do anything to you-

Just when Garlan was so flustered, he heard Heimos continue to speak.

He turned his face away, didn’t look at Garlan, and said in a blunt tone.

“When you go out with that face, everyone will think that I did something to you. Isn’t this what you were plotting?”

Garlan, “…”

In the midst of heavy panting.

“No, they won’t. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it clearly,” He said quickly, “When they see how sick you are, they’ll know you weren’t ab

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