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To our surprise the four Humvees accelerated out from underneath us two-wide, straddling the center of 186. Our rear guard opened fire on them, but we never could've imagined what happened next. A booming voice came across their radio.

'Sheee-yit! We're on the same team!'

The booming voice was in that undeniable west Texas cowboy drawl. I immediately felt sick. There was no doubt in my mind that we had American blood on our hands.

Chapter 4.

William Was.h.i.+ngton, D.C.

William Galleani smashed his first cigarette of the morning in the ashtray and rolled out of bed. He crawled along the wall to the blinds and gingerly peaked through. He had absolutely no desire to become a martyr for the cause. He crawled a several feet from the window, before standing and walking the remaining distance to the bathroom.

He took a long look in the mirror to size himself up. He was an unlikely leader. William was short and diminutive, with the slightest bit of stubble beginning to show on his face and neck. His short black hair was all but hidden beneath the fleece skullcap as he pulled it snugly onto his head. The dark hair was such a stark contrast to his pale skin. It exaggerated his look of etherealness. His dark brown eyes were deeply set in his skull in a manner that made him look eternally exhausted. After brus.h.i.+ng his teeth, he stumbled into the meager kitchen and started a pot of coffee.

William had started SPARC (Socialists, Political Anarchists, Radicals and Communists) only five short years ago, and now he was a major player in the new political scene. He had the ear of politicians, labor leaders and even several foreign diplomats that represented various countries from banana republics, to former cold-war superpowers, to modern-day players.

To be honest, which he seldom was, more of his organization's financial support came from outside of the country than within. His group had exploded on the scene a mere six months ago when the unrest first started in D.C. While other groups' leaders.h.i.+p was apprehensive at first to openly challenge the police, SPARC would employ tactics to antagonize them into responding with force. William would then flood social media with videos of their agents being beaten while they innocently bleated like lambs.

The videos were soon picked up by the media establishment and delivered into the living rooms of Americans, and across the world. These successful tactics led to the cannibalization of other organizations' members. SPARC's ranks quickly swelled with young radicals of all stripes that were demoralized by the endless marching and shouting they had grown nauseatingly accustomed to.

SPARC had branches in major cities all across the country, and they were adding to their ranks with each new clash with police. William's army of revolutionaries was potentially much larger, since copycat groups had popped up in the smaller cities where he did not yet have a presence. He had plan

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