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akkalkotsamarth > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 15
About a month or so has pa.s.sed since Angelina's arrival. In the original, she would have been a popular person among both genders due to her innocent personality… that's what it should have been, but as for reality, it was a bit strange.

She would personally boast about being the "Heroine" and do whatever she wanted. She was disagreeable and domineering and acted like she was the centre of the world. And yet, in front of the handsome male students she would behave like a graceful cat. As a result, she was thoroughly hated by the female students.

"Even though she's also a n.o.ble, I can't see Angelina-san like that at all."

"I hope you don't become like that. She's a bad example."

"As if, she reminds me of those rival characters from romance novels."

Several of the female students would reprove Angelina, not that I heard it with my own ears it, on the other hand "Mob-charas aren't supposed to speak!" with that sort of ambiguous insult hurled at them, before long they stopped approaching her.

"Good grief! That transfer student causes so much trouble! Always, always being so selfish, mhh, mmh…"

"T-Tricia… aren't you eating too much…?"

"I can't concentrate if I don't eat! At this rate, if it continues like this, I'll end up going bald!"

She was emitting anger, Tricia was eating and eating and eating some cheese biscuits. Francesca had baked them last night. The dough was mixed with the rosemary grown in her parents' herbal garden, the fragrance complemented the taste of cheese.

"Tricia, don't you think that instead of going bald, you'll become fat first?"

"It's okay! I'm the type of person that loses weight through stress!"

Munch Munch Munch. Tricia continues to shovel cookies into her mouth with tremendous speed. After school, in the school's garden. While other tables were holding elegant tea parties, this one over here held the mood of a girls' only gathering.

"Ever since Angelina-san came to the girls' dormitory, she's only been causing trouble, truly, I hope she can be considerate of next year!"

Tricia lets out a deep sigh. She was made into the dorm manager a week ago. This one as well, was also a different development from the original. In the game, Francesca served as the dorm manager and used that power to bully Angelina.

However, as Francesca realized, Tricia had become friends with the previous dorm manager, and due to her caring nature, she was unanimously decided upon as the new dorm manager. It was quite different compared to Francesca who had gotten her position because of her family's influence.

"Tricia, tell me if there's anything I can do to help."

"Then, please bake cookies for me everyday… just kidding. I wouldn't want Leonhart-sama getting jealous."

Then Tricia muttered under her breath—"In my case, it's a relief that Fran didn't become the dorm manager."—so that Francesca couldn't hear.

"Eh? Tricia, just now, did you say something?"

"Nope, nothin

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