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Chapter 289

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Manus Pershion and Peid Nail.

The two were the ties of war.

When Roan Lancephil was not at war with the succession of the throne, Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom joined forces to attack Pershion Kingdom.

At that time, the chief commander of the Byron Kingdom was Noel Kyword, who was known as the hero of the country. Battlefield's Fox Peid Nail was the general leader of the Istel Kingdom.

Everyone had expected the victory of Byron Kingdom and Istel Kingdom.

But then Manus appeared like a comet and saved Pershion Kingdom.

Manus, who was only obscure until that time, completely defeated Noel and Peid, the heroes of their respective countries, and won the victory.

'I heard rumors that 1st Prince Lytas Pershion is quite capable, but I never heard rumors of him having a good brother.'

Peid laughed.

'It was a shock.'

The shock was so great because it was an unexpected plane.

In addition, the Istel Kingdom was paying a huge war reparations to the Rinse Kingdom and suffering a terrible food shortage due to grain shortages.

It added to the war reparations for the Pershion Kingdom, and it was in a great crisis that the Kingdom might collapse.

So Peid and his aides wrote down the responsibilities of defeat and were all outcast or out of the countryside.

'It was a terrible and boring time.'

However, Peid soon succeeded in recovering after setting up several balls with excellent skills.

There, Amaranth supported the Byron Kingdom and Roan Lancephil instead of the Rinse Kingdom during the founding of the war and, with great war reparations, took back many farmland in the Kingdom and made a remarkable accomplishment that restored national power at once.

It was a dramatic reversal.

'The person who fell to hell on top of me.'

Peid looked at Manus' eyes gently.

'But I was able to learn a lot thanks to that.'

Moreover, it was self that attacked first in the first.

Now he could not ask Manus to take responsibility.

No, it was not in the first place.

'Now is not the time to worry about the conflict between countries.'

He sat down and listened to the cup.

"Prince, are you going to Amaranth Kingdom?"

"That's right."

Manus nodded.

There was nothing to hide.

The direction of the march was enough to be inferred enough.

That was not the point.

Manus looked at Peid 's eyes straight.

"Did not you just say that it was not Pershion Kingdom?"

It was a question asking the intuition of the word.

Peid smiled faintly.

"Yes, that's what I said, not the Pershion Kingdom."

He turned his head and looked at Alea Britch.

Alea nodded and opened the door.

"Village residents are disappearing at the border."

It was a grumpy sound.

Manus frowned.

'Village residents disappear?'

It was not such a story, but I could not tell

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